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At Rewardsnet.NET we provide solutions to organizations that are looking to complete a corporate program application streamlined with their current processes. We specialize in the areas of Service Programs, Safety Programs, Incentive Programs, Reward Programs, and Company Merchandise Stores.
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YearsNet is an affordable and easy to implement recognition solution specifically developed for companies that don't have the time, budget, or interest to put into action a large scale or company-wide Years of Service Program.
Since we know that the need to recognize employees' Service Anniversaries is still important for you, we created YearsNet , which give you an easy and very affordable solution.

You can choose from our stock lapel pins, plaque, and/or merchandise rewards to celebrate employees' Service Anniversaries.

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BadgeNet Recognition

BadgeNet Recognition is a solution that accomplishes two important goals of employee recognition: brand identification and employee appreciation.

BadgeNet Recognition has the same advantages as the YearsNet Program: it is very easy to implement and it is very affordable.

Tip: This program can be jointly funded by your department and the marketing department in your organization.

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Full Incentive Programs

Online - online programs have the benefits of efficient and instant communication, reporting, and awards fultillment. If you don't have an online solution in place, we highly recommend that you start exploring the opportunity in front of you and reap the benefits of cost savings, ease of use and overall value.

Online programs are backed up by a program database. The database captures important data about your program and there is a great potential for this information to be used for other business processes. Don't rule out this opportunity: you can use an online program as a starting point to capture the information you want, information that can be put to good use on functions other than incentive programs. As a result, your organization's benefits grow exponentially.

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